Monday, September 7, 2015

Hullo September! A better me, training, final race registrations...

Well, hey there! Yes, I know, I failed to recap my August race. And I don't even have a good reason about it. I did it. It was a 10K. I got the coolest medal ever. And then I took my training indoors to the elliptical to escape the end of the Texas summer.

That week, I also decided to start eating better and less. If you want to be technical about it, I went on a diet, but I'm sure a lot of you will tell me there's no need. Well, when I tried to put on a pair of shorts that Monday, they would have argued with you. And because I don't want to buy new pants (which incidentally is why I started running), I decided to start eating better.

It started small, switching out my random lunches of who knows what to a salad, a greek yogurt and something sweet. Then I switched the sugary snacks at my desks for fruits and other healthier options. Then I stopped eating donuts and whatnot for breakfast and instead enjoy a bowl of special K. And most importantly, I started using a calorie counting app. Because it seriously makes you think twice about eating that second cookie or slice of pizza if you have to write it down and see exactly how bad for you it is. 

It hasn't been about major lifestyle changes, because I know enough to know that that will not work long term. But it's about eating less and eating better, but still allowing myself some of my favorite foods every now and then, just in lesser quantity. 

So far it's been working...I'm down 4 pounds. And more important, I FEEL better. It may not be a noticeable difference on the outside, but on the inside, I can feel the good I'm doing. 

The weatherman is predicting slightly cooler temperatures coming to Texas and it's just in time! My first September race is just under 2 weeks away so it's about time to take my training back out into the elements. I'm hoping for Thursday morning if the forecast holds. 

I've finally registered for my December race! And I'll get to see a friend I met at my first ever race for the first time in over a year! I've also registered for my first virtual race. I'm usually not a fan of virtual races because to me, it's not the same and standing at the line and running with hundreds to thousands of others. But the concept of this one intrigued me: I have to run 200 miles in the state of Texas in six months. And with marathon training in preparation for Dopey 2018, I will be able to do that easily. Those will be the final races of 2015 and among my final races in Texas. With my tenure as a graduate student slowly coming to an end and with the defense of my dissertation slated for the spring, I will not be racing like I have this year. I plan right now only TWO races in my town and that's it before I move. 

Anywho, that's all for me for now. I'll be lacing up for #19point3September and then 13point1October soon enough. Back to talk about those later.

Until then, keep racing.