Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maybe I boasted too soon...Operation Sparkle Update 4

So....I may have spoken too soon last week...two bad runs (Saturday and today) have me pretty down. I had some trouble breathing in both instances...Saturday the air was wet and heavy and today my legs were sore and I lost my breath a couple times. My sinuses have been acting up the last few days and I'm blaming that.

A very wise friend of mine said you have to take the good runs with the bad...and I guess she's right because you don't really have a choice otherwise. The good runs empower you to keep going...the bad make you mad enough to go and try again.

Right now I'm sitting on 2-3 miles and can't really make it much further. I have 350 days to change that.

I guess I just need to decide that I'm up for the challenge.

The same friend posted pictures from her Princess Half weekend this year today...and it makes me decide yes.


  1. You can totally do this, Addie! You should be so proud of yourself. :) You have plenty of time to get up to 13 miles!

    xo Kimi