Sunday, August 10, 2014

Operation Sparkle: Running with someone to chEAR you on...

A very large development occured in Operation Sparkle this week: my mother decided to come along. She says she wants to be there when I cross the finish lines.

How did this happen? Well, it all started Wednesday night...I logged onto a FB group I'm in (part of The Main Street Mouse, this awesome Disney site I'm a part of...highly recommended for all your Disney info) and someone was talking about the best time to book a flight. I had intended to wait and try out that 60 day rule you read about on the internet. But just for curiosity's sake, after reading that FB thread, I went to check out the cost of my Princess Weekend ticket...and it was the lowest I've ever seen any airfare from my home airport. I needed to wait until morning for a payment to post and when I got back on, it was still the same price. So I screwed the 60 day rule and pounced.

Then I posted to FB about scoring a great deal. And Mom started texting me. When was my trip again? What time were my flights? If she wanted to come, could she?

Readers, you have no idea how exciting this made me. I'm so happy to share this with my mom. She's getting registered for some of the commemorative stuff and a chEAR squad package to support me every finish line. She made us some hotel reservations and we officially have a trip scheduled.

Now for the hard part - I'm in charge of planning all the FastPasses...ugh. This is more difficult than you could think it would be...because things I like to ride and things Mom like to ride couldn't be more different. She's told me she doesn't care, but I still want her to have a good time. Luckily I have 130 days to figure all this out before they can be booked.

Bought some fabric for my running costumes today. I am so excited about it. I had intended to wait, but the fabrics I had my eye on were on sale this week so I decided to bite the bullet and get the deal. Plus this gives me more time to figure out what I'm doing exactly with them.

The heat in Texas is getting even more intense and I'm not looking forward to my 14 mile run this coming Saturday. But Catie told me to worry about the miles under my feet and not the time. It will be hard for me to do but I'll do it.

193 days to reality. I'm more excited now than I knew I could be...and I was pretty effing excited before.

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