Monday, July 13, 2015

Operation 2015: A June and July Race Recap

Hey there readers!

Well, aren't I behind. I've run TWO races since we last talked. I'm blaming the grant. I know it seems like I've been blaming the grant for a lot lately, but now, the grant is over (YAY) and I can't blame anything on it anymore. Now I just get to blame things on my dissertation (see what I did there?)

So, in June, I ran the Jalapeno Half. It was the second race of the Four Seasons Challenge. You may remember that the first race, which I had run only a week earlier, went pretty terribly, so I was apprehensive about this. Plus, I'd never run two halves in back to back weeks. The good thing, though, was that I didn't really run the first one...

I drove up on Father's Day morning and someone was watching over me, because there were quite a few clouds. The venue was nice and I was feeling good. And my feelings turned out okay. It wasn't a PR or anything, but it was a much more respectable time than the week before. I had learned a lot from that race and wasn't afraid to make sure I kept my water bottle full at the water stations and take a second cup of water to dump on my head to stay cold. And that definitely helped.

This weekend, I completed my July race. It was a new distance, 15K, but for July in Texas, it was just the right distance. I'd never run a race with this production company, but I'm already registered for another race with them and am considering a third. I was not disappointed. It was a hot one to be sure, but this company were amply prepared to keep the runners cool with water, ice, cold towels and sprinklers. I never felt like I was going to fail. It was slow, to be sure, but it was hot. I ran in the shade and walked in the sun to keep from pushing too hard.

I'm still a little worried about a half in Texas in August, but I know that this production company will do everything they can to keep us safe and cool.

I'm working on getting back into my regular running routine. Here's hoping I can do it!

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