Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Operation Sparkle update 5: the glory of a good run

I love this quote...but I want to modify it just a little. Because let's be honest, that first mile is a tiny bit physical. At least for me still. Every morning when I set out, the end of that first mile is me convincing my body that I'm not trying to kill us. Which I guess is mental...but physically you have to be able to run that mile. 

Now the second mile? That second mile is all mental. You can keep going. You can make it to that lamppost, to that street corner, across the street (no cars coming, right?), to that fire hydrant, to that speed limit sign...oh, it's been another mile already? 

The mental game is the one I've been struggling with lately (except Monday's run...Monday was all physical. Hopefully I'll be able to find myself a lighter water bottle to run with this weekend). I just haven't been able to mentally make myself keep going after that first mile. My legs hurt, my breathing is off, I'm tired...i just can't go on. 

But today, today was a momentous day. Because for the first time in a long time, I managed to run from the end of my warmup (the bridge of 'Let it go' -the second song on my playlist) to my cool down point on my route...which is about 2.5 blocks from home. And it was glorious. And I felt amazing. And most of all, I was so proud of myself.

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