Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 5 - The dangers of "used to be"

February Miles to Date: 8.5
February Average Pace: 14:10 min/mi
2016 Miles to Date:49.3
Yoga Sessions this week: 2

Well, we made it through another week. I had to send the super scary "let's pick a date for my dissertation defense" email this week. Terrifying. But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about the things that are going to get me through the stress surrounding defense.

Monday morning I was a bit exhausted from the Miracle Match weekend, so I skipped my Yoga. But by the time I got home Monday night, I felt the need to stretch everything that was sore out. So I did my yoga. Tuesday, I slept in instead of running. I was still sore from the race and I felt a little terrible (cedar has moved into the area...yay allergies). Wednesday, I also skipped the yoga, but Thursday I got up and got out and ran 3 miles, including some hills. And by hills, I mean the pedestrian bridge to the stadium. Its a pretty nice incline. I did 4 repeats of it and then ran back home.

Friday morning I did my yoga and then Friday night I had some friends over, so I didn't do my long run on Saturday, opting to take it easy first thing in the morning and then get most of my work for the weekend done. This morning I did 5.5 miles to the Hamilton soundtrack (I finally caved and bought it and then my friend Davis mentioned he ran to it and I was like "hmmm...I should try that this weekend". It was pretty fantastic. Definitely going to be repeated.

My 5.5 miles was in a time that I used to run 10Ks in. And that made me a little sad. Oh how far I've fallen. I know I can't dwell on the runner I was before science got crazy and I basically stopped training. I will get back to where I was and beyond. That's part of what this road to Dopey is for. In the meantime, I'll put one foot in front of the other and not throw away my shot (Hamilton reference...)

Until next week...I'm gonna go foam roll :)

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