Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 6 - A whole lot of nothing

February Miles to Date: 10.5
February Average Pace: 14:10 min/mi
2016 Miles to Date:51.3
Yoga Sessions this week: 0

A whole lot of nothing. That's what I did this week workout wise. This week was really stressful and I'm a little ashamed to come to you having only run 2 miles. But there's was a weird pain in my right foot. It's doing much better and I hope to run more this coming week. Even if I have to go to Ohio in the middle of it for a funeral.

I'm really not thinking a lot today. A LOT happened this past week that was stressful and upsetting and I wish I could have run it out. I just wanted to keep my end of the bargain and check in here. Hopefully my foot feeling better will help me run out the weirdness of this past week.

I'll check in again next week.


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