Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore..." - RDP SAL Week 13

Good morning Stitchers!

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday...I meant to, but had to go buy food and then got caught up working on a baby gift for a friend. But I'm here now. And I only have one more pattern in the reserve so I'm going to have to get stitching this week!

So, the 13th princess in our stitch along is not one of my favorites, but I like her movie enough. It's Princess Jasmine!

I love the music in Aladdin, but growing up it wasn't among my favorite favorites because it was a little more of a "boy's" movie. But I'm really looking forward to hearing how the Broadway show is! It opens next month!

From my first trip to Disneyland
Have a great week stitchers!

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