Monday, June 9, 2014

Operation Sparkle Update 7: The first of many Magic Miles

Well readers...I've done the first Magic Mile my training dictated. And it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I ran a 10:02 mile, which translates to an ideal 13 min/mi pace for my race. Which is about where I've been running in my normal maintenance trainings and where I'm trying to get on my long runs.

So, it gave me a little bit of confidence. Now I have two maintenance runs this week, where I'd like to do a 12 min/mi pace (I've been doing a couple here an there in my splits on my runs, so I know I'm getting there) and then I have an 8 MILE run this Saturday. That I'm not looking forward to. Because 8 miles is a long time. And it's gonna be hot. But I'm shooting to keep it under 14...13 if I can help it.

Registration is about a month away. And there's only 19 days to my proof of time 10K...EEEEEEk.

In other local friends have dropped out of racing with me. Thank goodness I still have Catie and her mom...otherwise I'd have to give all this up.

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