Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 9(?) - finding the time for training

March Miles to Date: 5
March Average Pace: 13:06 min/mi
2016 Miles to Date: 62.3
Yoga Sessions this week: 0

What up? (Good grief Addie, you can't start a blog that way). Today's post is going to be short because, well, in a shocking turn of events I find myself in an airport. I board in like 20 minutes but I want to give you a Sunday blog.

This week I did my weekly training, bringing my March to date miles to 5 and my year to date to 50-something (blogging on mobile has several limitations, but I'm doing my best). I ran them back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday because I am doing a whole lot of traveling in the next little bit, but I am determined that, unlike last semester when this happened, my training won't suffer the consequences. 

Because of my schedule, my Saturday long run didn't happen. There was no time for 9 miles, but I plan to make it up on Wednesday, which is my next no travel day. That will be my last long run before I run the Bearathon on March 19. Im looking forward to it because on both my runs this week I worked really hard on focusing on pacing (which is something I am terrible at) and I was Doug a pretty good job. Im anxious and excited to try this over a longer distance in hopes of doing a good job on it at the race.

That's really it. Good thoughts while traveling are appreciated. Hopefully I won't have to do this again for a long time (if all goes well). Keep on running.

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