Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 12 - Working on a streak

March Miles to Date: 35.0
March Average Pace: 14:05 min/mi
2016 Miles to Date: 92.3
Yoga/Strength Training Sessions this week: 3
Streak Day: 1 (Maximum: 9)
The American 200: 18.4 mi/200

My streak ended at 9 so we are going to try again. I had to trade a run day Thursday for strength training because I desperately needed to go grocery shopping. I intended to run Friday, but then I woke up not feeling well. Saturday morning, I had to force myself out of bed and this morning I didn't feel well. I feel guilty for not having worked out in 3 days, which is a good sign (I think) but I hope to get back on it this week.

Other than that, it was an uneventful week. I need to find a new yoga sequence, or I may drop it all together for the moment. That's really all I know.

Happy Easter!

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