Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 29 - Embracing the Run

July Miles to Date: 15.7
July Average Pace: 14:48
2016 Miles to Date: 184.1
Yoga Sessions this week: 1
Streak Day: 92 (Maximum: 92)
The American 200: 184.6/200 (9/16/16 Deadline)

Well, after I left you all last week, I decided to do something I'd never done before. I wanted to run every day of the week to jump start my running again. With all the move things and the finishing up at school, it had been really hard for me to get out and run in the morning since my defense. I'd been doing yoga, so at least there was still some activity, but it is not the same as running. And I'm here to run. So on Sunday afternoon I texted Catie and said, "Help kick my butt in gear this week. I want to run every day."

She was a encouraging as ever (I seriously couldn't ask for a better running buddy, even if we live over 1000 miles away from each other). I didn't want to run far each morning - just at least 2 miles. And so Monday morning, I set off and ran 2.16 miles. I've been flirting with 14 min/mi for the most part this summer, so I was pretty excited to see a number closer to 13. I want to get faster than least back to Princess Pace, where I was running 11-12, but one step at  a time. 
Monday was done!
Tuesday, I woke up determined to make it out again, so I made my way out the door at sunrise for another 2.15 miles. I was a bit slower, adding a minute to the miles. My legs felt tired from the packing and the running the day before, but I made it.
Tuesday: Check!
Wednesday, I woke up tired, and having taught for 4 hours the day before, I didn't know what kind of shape my legs would be in. But I was determined again to do this thing and jump start my training (again). Got another average pace closer to 13, which was a lovely surprise and a bit further distance (2.3 mi)
Wednesday! Check!
Thursday was my last run day in Waco. With the movers and the cleaning on Friday, I got a workout without really trying. So I laced up one last time and went out for a 2.14 mile run. My leg were so tired. Two days of 4 hour lab plus four straight days of running (something I've NEVER done before, even when I was in training for Princess), made for tired leg and 14 min/mi. But I did it.
Thursday! Check!
After that, I retired the blue shoes with over 300 miles on them. With only a little life left in them I decided it wasn't worth moving them. I am onto my last pair of running shoes, which means I need to get to a store to try on the Ghost 9s soon!

Friday was moving day. I did my last bit of packing in the morning and then the movers came and packed so efficiently and then they were gone! I spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment to leave and left Friday night. I go home on Tuesday and cannot wait. It will be nice to have a couple weeks off between now and graduation and the back half of this move. I will run this week when I get to home. Until then, I'm hanging out with Texas friends, enjoying the time I have left with them as best I can, and just taking everything in.

End Week 29.