Thursday, February 12, 2015

Operation Sparkle: The Merch!

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I really need to come up with a better name for you all dear readers. Suggestions welcome.

Today, we continue our week long blog lead-up for the Disney Princess Half weekend...the culmination of Operation Sparkle by taking a closer look at some of the official merchandise RunDisney released earlier this week.

I have to admit, it caused quite a frenzy across the interwebs. So let's take a look, shall we?

First up - the Dooney's...
Credit: Disney Parks Blog & The Main Street Mouse
My thoughts? I love it...I truly do. But Dooney & Burke is WAAAAAAY out of my price range. As if these races didn't already cost me enough, I'm now going to add another $100-$200 to commemorate the experience? I can find a better way to spend that money (and wind up with a few more souvenirs)...Additionally, there is no preorder opportunity this year, so there will be a mad rush to try and get them.
Final Verdict: I will not be purchasing. As my mother pointed out, D&B start out heavy...and who wants a heavy purse? (My friend Aut responded that they are heavy because your soul is saying " paid how much for a purse?"). Now if rD starts making racing Veras....

Next up - the Sneakers
Credit: New Balance & The Main Street Mouse
My Thoughts? They're ugly. Plain and simple. Okay, maybe ugly is harsh. They're very...masculine for a women's shoe. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with's just not my style. When they were first released in advance to WDW Marathon weekend, a lot of people didn't find them as pretty as last years shoes and hoped a different set would be released for Princess. This week those hopes were dashed and this is what we're stuck with. You'd this for the "Princess" themed, female centric race weekend they'd be a little more...girly? 
Final Verdict: I will not be purchasing. Another madhouse line I get to avoid!

At this point, my wallet is pretty happy with me. But then...there's the rest of the race merch...
All above Credit: Disney Parks Blog & The Main Street Mouse
My thoughts? OMG! The onslaught of want! That was my initial reaction anyway. But then I remembered I have a budget and I can't BUY ALL THE THINGS (as much as I want to). So instead, I started thinking practically. What do I need to commemorate this...first thing thrown out where the ear hat and the phone cases. I made super cute ears for the weekend that I'll be sporting and I already have a phone case that I love. And I'm not the kind of person who switches out their phone cases regularly. The event pins I've already preordered and paid for (yay!) and I have no need for mini versions of the medals I'll be earning...I'll have the big ones! As for the rD magicbands, while I understand their appeal, I'm already going to have the pink one that came with my resort stay and the Special Edition Belle one I plan on getting while I'm there. I don't go to Disney enough to get anymore. So that leaves the apparel. I love Bondi-Bands...I got some in my goody bag at my half in January and have become a convert. So a couple of those are on my list. There's also some GSC bands I've seen elsewhere that aren't in the above pics that I hope to pick up as well. I also really want the black GSC "I did it" tshirt. I love getting tech shirts for my races to train in, but I also like have tshirts to wear around work and school and town to show off my accomplishments. I love the GSC wine glass as well and the hat, and and the jacket.
Final Verdict: The headbands are a definite. The tshirt is a definite (hopefully they still have my size when I get there). The wine glass and hat will depend on cost. And as much as I want the jacket, the prices I've had quoted to me makes my wallet cry, so I may have to pass.

Overall, I love the merch. I wish I could get it all. But I know the things I get I will love. I will have to make sure I spend as much time as I can seeing everything in person before I make any impulse decisions. And having mom there for honest opinions will definitely help.

What is your must have item? Have you run before? Have any expo tips for this first timer?

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