Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 24-Texas Pollen, you are a terrible person

June Miles to Date: 23.5
June Average Pace: 13:59
2016 Miles to Date: 151.2
Yoga Sessions this week: 4
Streak Day: 57 (Maximum: 57)
The American 200: 151.2/200 (9/16/16 Deadline)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Chesire Cat: 3.1 miles

I didn't run again this weekend. Friday night, I had a sleepover with my book club, which was a whole lot of fun, but I decided not to take my running stuff with me. I didn't want to wake everyone up, have to shower there, etc. But then this morning, I woke up feeling terrible. I hope it's allergies, but my head is congested, especially in my ears. So I'll do yoga later today to keep my streak alive.

57 days. Who'd have thought that I'd have made it 57 days. I certainly didn't. Now I'm to the point where quitting seems impossible. What was the point of 57 days if I stop now? What did 57 days mean?

I increased my running this week (or at least, I tried to. It should have had a weekend run attached to it). I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (3.1, 2, and 3.1, respectively). I wanted to do 4-5 today, but it's just not gonna happen. I still need to adjust my routine (I'm still not happy with exactly what it is), I'm thinking I'm going to do my Abs workout MWF, instead of just W with my shorter miles.

Other than that, I just continue to inch forward to my defense date. It's only terrifying when I think about it. It's starting to get really annoying to have to convince my boss to do the things he's required to do, but it's really nothing different than it's been for the past 9 months. I'm ready to be gone if only so that I don't have to deal with that anymore.

I'm so excited that I will get to go home in like 5 weeks. I'm ready to be home. I'm ready to have some time off from all of this before I start the next phase of my life. It's going to be good.

Until then, we keep running. Or we try to anyway.

Stupid allergies.

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