Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Road to Dopey: Week 25 - The Dissertation is almost Done

June Miles to Date: 35.9
June Average Pace: 14:09
2016 Miles to Date: 163.6
Yoga Sessions this week: 2
Streak Day: 64 (Maximum: 64)
The American 200: 163.6/200 (9/16/16 Deadline)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Chesire Cat: 15.6 miles

My dissertation is due in three days. My defense is in 10. Which means this week has been...stressful? Interesting? Terrifying? Exhausting? Let's go with all of the above. That seems easiest (and most accurate). it even caused a few interesting, stress induced dreams including, me being stuck in a weird version of Jurassic Park, my parents announcing they were getting divorced, and the engine seizing up in my car due to an oil leak.

There was a time that all of this going on would have meant I would have quit working out. But thanks to the streak I had going into this, it meant I had to keep my workouts. And I'm convinced it is the only thing that has helped me keep an ounce of my sanity. Run out the stress, chase away the bad dreams.

And so we arrived at 64 days of showing up for me. And I'm on track to exceed 40 miles in June, which I haven't done since January of this year.

I have to finish my dissertation this week, and my slides soon after so that my advisor can see them before he leaves for the July 4th holiday. Yeah, he's going away before my defense. That doesn't add to my stress though...

My plan for today is to do some studying for my defense, hit the grocery store for food, and generally try to rest a little bit so that I can make it through this very last final stretch.

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