Sunday, July 28, 2013

"I'm wishing..." - Run Disney Princess SAL Week 8: Snow White

Good afternoon stitchers!!!

Sorry I'm so late this week! I was sitting at my sewing machine and realized I'd forgotten to do the update yesterday like I promised! I'm going to blame the trip to Hobby Lobby that resulted in me making some new placemats for myself.

Anywho, without any further delay, here she is...the ORIGINAL Disney princess:

Click the pic!
Truth be told...I cannot stand this version of Snow White. I think it's the voice.
But she did give the rest of the girls a chance at being made. All the same, I prefer her like this:

Anyway, I will see you all next week. It will probably be another weekend update as I will be without my computer near the end of the week.

Keep on stitching!

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