Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reconstructing Amelia: a book review

When Kate gets a call at work that her daughter Amelia has been suspended for cheating on an English paper and that she must come pick her up right away, she's confused. But when she arrives at school and finds out Amelia has jumped from the roof of the school her confusion changes to dread. But that is too washed away when a month after Amelia's passing, Kate gets a disturbing text. 

Amelia didn't jump.

"Reconstructing Amelia" is a fantastic tale of a mother's quest to find out the truth about her daughter's death, and life. Interlacing the narrative of Kate's search for truth with Amelia's life in the weeks leading up to her death was a brilliant call of story telling on the author's part. 

It's a fantastic summer read, especially if you are a fan of murder mysteries like I am.

And the twists and turns just keep you guessing. 

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