Friday, July 5, 2013

"Watch and you'll see..." Run Disney Princess SAL Week 5: Ariel

Morning stitchers!
Hope my American readers had a pleasant 4th. I had a wonderful, relaxing day full of fun, babies and pool reading. The only downside is the sunburn I got...but so far it isn't terrible. Here's hoping it stays that way.

And speaking of sunshine and swimming, this week's Disney Princess is quite the fish! That's right! It's everyone's favorite mermaid, Miss Ariel!

Click the pic!
I did Ariel in a seafoam green using a backstitch and satin stitch, using 1-3 strands. Stitch as desired.

Confession: I was actually forbidden from watching The Little Mermaid for about 5 years because Ursula scared me so badly. You know, at the end when she gets humongous? Terrifying. But now it is one of my favorites...mostly because of the music and Ariel. I love her she's willing to sacrifice anything to get what she loves. Is it right to leave your family and heritage for a guy? Debatable. But the translatable lesson is the one I love.

And, you know, this:

This one is from the Broadway production...which was okay, but not as good as some other Disney Broadway. But Sierra Boggess (Ariel) is a gem and I love her voice...and her as a person - she has such a positive outlook on life and what have you, so it's hard not to love her.

Until next week stitchers, I hope you have a relaxing quiet weekend full of craft time!
Yep...met her under the sea...

And on land.

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